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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Android TV Media Player


Xiaomi Mi TV Stick?

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, alıştığımız television deneyiminin well beyond a technology by offering this ordinary experience intelligent and makes the device. So all the blessings of this technology yararnacağınız means. This small smart Device cebinize fit küçüklükte but USB jack and an ordinary from much more intelligent. Televizyonunuzla easily connecting Koran Xiaomi Mi TV Stick also works with Android TV 9.0 operating system. Have The Bluetooth of the property as well as also with Wi-Fi connection and so on this small device much more functional it becomes. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick with you display the content, your television smart can use like a phone.

How to Use?

Xiaomi Mi Stick 1 pcs HDMI connector and Micro USB port. Televizyonlarınızda available USB port directly onto takılabileceği as, the connection can be established with HDMI. If you this link points none Defer power adapter with de bağlantınızı can perform. Also comes with the also can use mouse-like. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick favorite is preloaded with platforms. Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video platforms as well as Play Store by connecting to Spotify, Twitch, disney + like a lot of other current application device can install. Back only TV'nizden you get maximum efficiency to enjoy.


With a compact structure of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, simple 29 grams ağırlında and 92,4x30,2x15,2mm size. Cortex A53 cores have supported by a special chipset. 8 GB content storage 1 GB in addition to Ram. 4K featured remote smart Google on control Assistant, navigation, menu buttons, volume controls, netflix and Prime for Video special direct link buttons. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick'in internal Chromecast stored on your phone with the integration of photos, videos or music as direct TV easily to 1080p superfine for share. HD Blue-Ray feature sevdiğiniz Movies more dynamic and realistic the way izlebilirsiniz. DOLBY and DTS multi-channel support while you are watching içeriklerinizin voices in HD quality allows you to hear.


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